Stock Footage SD

Here are links to the top quality, standard definition, royalty free stock footage you are looking for. This includes the high Sierra Nevada mountains, Lake Tahoe, meadows, forests, alpine lakes, beaches, boats, wildlife and more. These are longer clips with titles that identify exactly where you are, so you can more easily pick the specific scene or clip you are after. This can be delivered on mini DV take or as an AVI, MOV, MPG or other common digital file. Call 775.772.8232 for specific pricing for your project.

    Diamond Peak Ski Area, Marlette Lake, Spooner Lake, Sand Harbor, Chimney Beach, Hidden Beach, Glenbrook Bay, Cave Rock, Zephyr Cove, Marla Bay
    Incline Village, Hyatt Tahoe, Crystal Bay, Brockway, Kings Beach, Agate Bay, Carnelian Bay
    Marla Bay, Nevada Beach, Edgewood Golf Course, Heavenly Valley Sky Area, Tahoe Keys, Lakeside, Stateline, Fallen Leaf Lake, Mt Tallac
    Emerald Bay, Mt Tallac, Rubicon Bay, Meeks Bay, Tahoma, Homewood, Tahoe City, Truckee River inlet, Fanny Bridge
    Emerald Bay, Bliss State Park, Rubicon Bay, Sugar Pine Point, Tahoma, Homewood Ski Area, Alpine Meadows Ski Area, Squaw Valley Ski Area, Tahoe City, Truckee River inlet
    Heavenly Valley Ski Area, Stateline, Tahoe Keys, Fallen Leaf Lake, Pope Beach
    Diamond Peak Ski Area, Marlette Lake frozen, Sand Harbor, Spooner Lake, Cave Rock, Zephyr Cove
    Truckee California, Incline Village, Mt Rose Ski area, Diamond Peak Ski Resort, Kings Beach, Tahoe City